Welcome to Wine Savoy

Wine Savoy was created to place center stage winemakers who are members of the global majority, the underrepresented cultivators of the wine industry. It is with passion and excitement Wine Savoy shares with you these amazing people, where you can purchase some great vino and learn more about the people behind the bottle. 

The Wine industry is overwhelming male and white whereas majority of wine drinkers are women. Wine Savoy seeks to highlight the 12% of winemakers who are Native, Black, Latino/a/x. LGBTQ+, and Women. We seek to bring you wines from regions both known and lesser known.

Here we will highlight winemakers who are Native American and how that identity roots their wine making. Black winemakers who stand on the shoulders of their ancestors to forge new roads in the wine industry as well as Latina/o/x winemakers, from migrant farmers to wine company owners. Their stories matter and Wine Savoy will showcase them and many more! Because we make and drink wine too! So stay tuned, happy sippin' and welcome to Wine Savoy.